“The Letter X Song”

"The Letter X Song" by

Song Lyrics:
Mmm—wanna sing about the letter x?

Extra! Extra! Let’s talk about it!
Letter x! Letter x! I want to shout about it!
An exceptional letter, extraordinary too—
letter x is the one that follows w!

X! X! “X”! “X”!
X! X! “X”! “X”!

Now, x sounds like “ks” inside of a word!
So every time you see an x, this is how it’s heard—
excite, exceed, extreme, extent,
explore, explode—that’s excellent!

“X”! “X”!
X! X! “X”! “X”!

Now, when you see an x at the end of a word,
the sound of “ks” will still be heard,
as in six, fix, ax, and mix,
flex, fox, wax, and ox.

Now, x is a crossing, and x marks the spot!
If you want to know some more, this is what I’ve got:
When x starts a word it’s got the sound of a z.
Will I give you an example? Most definitely!
Xylophone, the instrument!
Well, that’s one that you’ve probably heard.
Well, I think it’s kind of funny that x can start a word!

X! Can I get an x? X! What a great letter.
X is my buddy. X is my friend.
X is the one I can see at the end.
X! That’s letter x, y’all. That’s letter x. X!
X! X! Let me tell you about x! “X”! “X”!
One more time, one more time, say x!

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